Billy gibbon les paul copy

Billy Gibbons nicknamed the Reverend Willie G, is best known as the guitar player for the band ZZ Top. He is also the lead vocalist and composer for many of the band’s classic songs. Gibbons is known for playing a classic 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitar he calls Miss Pearly Gates. He is known to play his guitar using a quarter or a peso as a pick, lending a distinctive sound to his playing.

So here’s the deal for this list. It is really hard to find out exactly what gear Billy Gibbons uses/has used. We have over 14 different resources we used to get this list together, but there are certainly¬†gaps for you to help fill in. If you check the pictures we have, you’ll see one of billy’s rack from 2008.

Billy is often seen playing a Tokai Les Paul copy often. I think he plays it instead of his old les paul on the road. I have seen him playing it in many live clips from youtube. Tokai made awesome LP copies back in the day. They fetch big bucks now.

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