Gibson Bob Marley Les Paul

So what are your options if you want to go such an attractive Les Paul? Well, you can shell out a ton of cash for a vintage one or you can spend the same and specially customize a new one (Gibson custom shop only made a limited run of 200, and it has been discontinued). But if you don’t want to drop a ton of coin on a real Gibson, you can of course get a brand new copy of the Bob Marley Les Paul at a fraction of the price.

To meet requirements of these who want a new Bob Marley Les Paul with much less money, we launched the Bob Marley Les Paul copies. Our guitar is a precise duplicate of the original Les Paul guitar. They were replicated totally handmade and in accordance with the original construction and data, the form and measurements and all other parts are just the same as the original one.

All guitars in our custom shop are created by the craftsmen who are famous worldwide. Besides, we also have some professional tuners who are specially responsible for testing and tuning guitars’s tone. Every guitar before shipping, we repeately test and tune to make sure it is nearest to the original one in tone. So you can be assured about the quality…

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